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I’m an Empathy expert with a flair for artistic creativity which includes a love of photography. In a previous life as a qualified architect photography and design played an important role in my work. However, today I focus on people and how I can help support them directly. See my two other website links below if that interests you or you would like to find out more about me.

This project has been born out of my counselling work with men and women who obviously hold pain and shame around nudity and their relationship with their genitals. While my love of photography offered a way forward to engage with this issue more widely in the form of a photographic social change initiative. Like I hope you do I want to make a difference to the unnatural suffering I see around me. Our bodies are simply beautiful works of art that provide us with so much not least pleasure in many forms. Join me and celebrate the gift of our natural naked body.




Karl Cooper

NZ Mobile - 021 035 4458