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There are similar projects around the world

This venture is inspired by other projects such as the “Heart of the Flower” book which presents an exploration into the beauty and diversity of women’s genitals, free of judgement, shame and embarrassment. And the “Cherish the Cunt” a UK campaign which celebrates the power, beauty and uniqueness of each and every Cunt and encourages women and men to do the same. And other art projects that positively change the image of our bodies such as the "Great wall of Vagina" (the picture above is from that project) and more playful exploits such as "I'm better friends with my cunt now" and the designer vagina song.

Many of these ventures have been prompted by the high increase in plastic surgery on women's genitals to meet perceived ideas about what a vagina should look like. This has been greatly influenced by the sex and beauty industries which portray a very neat and recessive vagina look. This of course is one of many beautiful looks vaginas can portray. Recent projects also highlight that even though many men hold concerns about the look of their penis virtually no projects are including this aspect and giving the penis much coverage.




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