Whats the Plan








We are nearly there

The vision is to demystify our genitals in an artistic but honest manner using photography and the unflinching comments of those who contribute and become models in this project. I believe that while a woman’s vulva/vagina is perhaps more of an unknown beauty, a man’s penis deserves the same attention, as the penis is rarely displayed flaccid or in a positive light.

The invitation is to both women and men to get in touch so that we can take a stand for New Zealand and promote our nation in a manner which reclaims our naked power and sovereignty.

The project plan is to gather 100 contributions (50 women / 50 men) which will all be completely confidential and anonymous, so that a New Zealand book can be published which displays the nation’s genitals proudly and artistically. Furthermore, an exhibition will be displayed and publicity sort to spread the word that New Zealanders are no longer ashamed to be seen in their natural beauty.

We are nearly there, 91 contributions have been collected. If you want to be part of this project get in touch soon and lets make history together.

Lastly but most importantly it is my clear goal that all involved will find this an empowering, meaningful and joyful act.


Karl Cooper

NZ Mobile - 021 035 4458